Lensafilms is looking for Tv Presenters

Yet another casting call but this time by LensaFilms

We are looking for a Malaysian aged between 20-35 years old to host a certain tv programme. Like our latest elections, race will not be a factor.

Casting session will be held from 27 March till 2 April 2008 (10AM – 8PM daily) at Lensa Film Sdn. Bhd. (refer to the bottom map)

The programme will be in English, so before you decide to give it a try make sure that you can speak fluent English. This is the bare minimum requirement.

If you know the basics of the Malaysian Industry, and you look presentable (doesn’t mean you have to look like Hannah Tan or Justin Timberlake), you’d have a better chance of getting selected.

Interested candidates should come in business attire, and for the ladies make-up is compulsory. Don’t overdo it though, unless you want us to put your profile in the ‘Powder Face’ category.

Allow me to recap the criterias:
- Malaysian
- Age 20 -35
- Fluent in English
- Presentable
- Basic knowledge in Malaysian Industry

Contact: Azila Hashim
Fax : 03-20945188
Email : lensa@gmail.com
URL : lensafim.tv


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