This Is Where It Begins

I have been having so much thoughts on creating a blog just for performing arts, mostly base in Kuala Lumpur.

I am a person that is also trying to get into the performing arts, and I hope that I can in the coming years. That said at the same time I hope others who dream for something like this... or at least have a passion to be in it, won't give up on this dream and they will continue forward to doing something they love. I honestly believe that it can grow within us, the arts, but it's really up to us how badly we want it.

So finally I'm getting down to it.

This shall be a site that primarily focuses on all sorts of art form, ranging from singing, acting, dance, theater, tv, film,....whatever that is related. My thoughts and struggles in this industry and from time to time, when I see an audition call from people around, i'll put it up.

Who knows, maybe someday other people can collaborate here and discuss imaginative, creative ideas. Have fun reading "The Stage Calls"

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  1. Johnny Ong said...
    a good start then

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