Uncut Untitled Paperhouse

For those who want to fill up your drama spirits, check out this coming show this weekend.

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UNCUT UNTITLED PAPER HOUSE (14 - 29 March): Honest, probing and emotive, this trio of short plays have a finger on the pulse of modern life. With tales of arts policing, family conflicts and spooky experiences, they are varied snapshots of what goes on in our own little worlds as we try to move forward with our pasts in tow.

Pentas 2, KLPac: 14 - 23 March (Tues - Sat @ 8.30pm / Sun @ 3pm)
Taman Budaya, Ipoh: 25 & 26 March @ 8.30pm
The Actors Studio, Greenhall Penang: 28 & 29 March @ 8.30pm

RM25 / RM17 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Book now and enjoy our Early Bird Promotion: Purchase 3 tickets and get 1 ticket FREE! Offer only valid until (KLPac) 9 MARCH & (Ipoh & Penang) 22 MARCH!

Friends of KLPac get a 10% discount for weekday shows (Tuesdays – Thursdays only) (not applicable with the Early Bird Promotion).

(KLPac) 03-4047 9000 / (The Actors Studio @ BSC) 03-2094 9400

Written & directed by: Teng Ky-Gan
Featuring: Hafidzuddin Fish Fazil & Aishah Sinclair

As he struggles to reconcile his moral and professional obligations, with his basic human instincts, Zakaria, the director of the Censorship Bureau finds himself spiralling out of control as he slowly learns that human wants often triumph over didactic logic.
*Please note that this play contains a scene which deals with mature content.

Written & directed by:Johann Lim
Featuring: Fang Chyi, Alfred Loh & Amelia Chen

Ken has found his passion in dance but struggles to make ends meet and has problems being understood at home. The cost of chasing one's dreams, the conflict between living at home and filial piety, and the values of people are explored in this play.

Written & directed by: Mark Beau de Silva
Featuring: Maybel Chan & Bella Rahim

Kim and Yen inherit their mother’s Chinese paraphernalia shop but while Yen has stayed in their small town to mind the shop the way her mother used to, Kim only returns once a year for their mother’s death anniversary prayers. One night, after the final prayers, the sisters encounter a lost girl outside the shop. Too late to bring her to the police, the sisters decide to shelter the girl for the night. As they decide what to do next, the sisters realise that they are lost in many ways themselves, and discover that the answers to the questions in their hearts are found in the paper house left for them by their mother.

EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: Buy 3 tickets and get 1 ticket FREE! Offer valid until 9 MARCH only!

Friends of KLPac members also get a 10& discount for Tues - Thurs shows (Not applicable with the Early Bird Promotion)!

Date Time Booking
14 March 2008 (Friday) 08:30 PM Book Now
15 March 2008 (Saturday) 08:30 PM Book Now
16 March 2008 (Sunday) 03:00 PM Book Now
18 March 2008 (Tuesday) 08:30 PM Book Now
19 March 2008 (Wednesday) 08:30 PM Book Now
20 March 2008 (Thursday) 08:30 PM Book Now
21 March 2008 (Friday) 08:30 PM Book Now
22 March 2008 (Saturday) 08:30 PM Book Now
23 March 2008 (Sunday) 03:00 PM Book Now


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